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Being an entrepreneur is hard. Being a mom is even harder.

But the hardest of all.....ding, ding, you guess it! Being BOTH!

Let’s say you started a candy-making biz. You probably assumed that you would spend all day making candy. What many of us did not realize was that we would also be spending a lot of time doing marketing, bookkeeping, scheduling, etc.⁠

Unfortunately, many of these unexpected tasks that fall into your lap get pushed to tomorrow, and then tomorrow comes and we push to the next day, until you are so far behind that you are overwhelmed and you go to the kitchen and eat an entire tub of ice cream (no? just me?).⁠

While keeping the books and posting the posts and scheduling the meetings are all important tasks, they simply are not what you signed up for. You want to make candy. You are good at making candy! You might not be so good at, or you might not enjoy, some of the other tasks that come with owning a business.⁠

This is even harder when you have children. You are working after work, you are working during supper, you are working during homework time, You. Are. Always. Working. As moms AND business owners we need to learn to delegate. Hate bookkeeping? Hire a bookkeeper. Hate marketing? Hire a social media expert. Hate scheduling? Hire a virtual assistant.⁠

It is time to get your life back. It is time to clock out and focus on your family and your candy!!⁠

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